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Bob's dumb site.

About me

Hello I'm Bob, and I'm terrible at introducing myself.

About the rationale behind this site

I'm creating this site mainly to use as a pseudo internet blog/dairy to record my thoughts and opinions over certain specific topics. Mostly I want to talk about things I like and why I incline towards them, I rarely articulate my opinions on anything so this is the perfect opportunity to try and be a little more thorough about what I appreciate.

About the site itself

This site is built using sveltekit (kinda overkill?), originally it was using just regular svelte but then I realized I would probably be front loading the site with a lot of useless components and static data that really did not need to be front loaded like that (I think that's how it would behave at least), but I still wanted to componentize most of the app (my brain is rotten that way, to much corporate coding) like the header and the footer (and have the possibility of easily adding some basic functionality if needed), so I went for svelte kit with the static adapter and pre rendering all pages.

All the styles you see are from the nes.css framework, it has some quirkiness to it, like some of the icons it provides being made from box shadows and other things with the styles it adds to the dark mode classes (and how the latest version as of 30/06/22 errors out if you try to install it from npm do to not supporting any node version past 10), but I promised some one I would use it some day, so lo and behold here we are.

This is the hampter from the favicon,his name is Bebop and his breed is Attribution 2.0 Generic creative commons hamster