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Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters

I saw them on a sale on steam and went for them all.

As for why I like Final Fantasy, I guess the nostalgia angle plays a strong part, as cliché as it sounds, playing them just reminds me of simpler times, when my biggest worries were finding the next story trigger or defeating the next boss in a dungeon.

Final Fantasy I

Had a lot of fun with this one, my first time playing it was the ps1 version, and it was around the 2010s. Did it to 100%, and then some, even beat the Warmech (AKA Death Machine), had to grind for like 30 minutes just to find it once.

final battle

My team was Fighter, Red mage, Monk, and Black mage, the only time I had a close call was actually, against the final boss, Chaos.

Always appreciated the simplicity of this one.

Final Fantasy II

It was cool seeing the introduction to chocobos, Cid, dragoons and first original in depth Final Fantasy story about kingdoms at war.

This one feels a little rough around the edges, between the leveling being on your stats and not the regular leveling system and some other things (I type this as I'm being stun locked by 6 malboros on the mysidian cave)


Things I did not appreciate:

  • Way too many empty rooms.
  • Way too many enemies with stun attacks.
  • The leveling system.

Things I did appreciate:

  • The introduction of chocobos, Cid, dragoons and the Ultima spell.
  • First attempt at a Final Fantasy story with multiple characters.

Final Fantasy III

After coming out of FF2 and jumping right into this one, I have to admit it feels like taking a breath of fresh air.

While FF2 felt like this intense drama where the rebels are surviving each movement of the empire by the skin of their teeth FF3 just straight up feels like it wants to be fun.


You get your first airship as quick as you lose it, it introduces moogles, the job system and noble sacrifices are kept to a minimum. (compared to FF2 at least)

Long live the job system, death to training stats