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Points of interest

This is a list of particular places that have caught my attention or interest at some point in time

The Abyss (Made in Abyss)

the abyss

Basically a giant cursed hole, each layer getting more cursed than the last, predatory fauna will make sure to melt your insides before consuming you.

the abyss

Definitely not a place for children to crawl around in

The Dark Tower (Stephen King)

the dark tower

"Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came"

Kowloon Walled City (China 1898 - 1994)


Chinese military fort becomes urban settlement post 1945 chinese civil war, watch a documentary about it here

Nerve Tower (Baroque Sting)

nerve tower

Originally built to house, contain and abuse the power of god, it inner shape is always changing due to distortions in reality itself.

read more about it in this exquisitely crafted and documented site

Geo-Spiritual Quantum Interference Train (Baroque Sting)

A never to be realized Area set in the same universe as the Nerve Tower.

read more about it in here

Shadow Tower (FromSoftware)

A king corrupted by power, his kingdom sunken and swallowewd by the earth itself, only a tower remains.

Cathedral Of Shadows (SMT)

catedral of shadows

Has seen multiple incarnations over the years in different Shin Megami games, a place where subjugate demons are sacrificed to be reborn anew to complete the bidding of their masters.

Tartarus (SMT Persona 3)

p3 tartarus

"Labyrinth that appears during the Dark Hour, brimming with Shadows. Perhaps some answer lies deep inside..."

Tower of Barbs (Let it Die)

tower of barbs

"Rumor has it that a sacred treasure awaits at the top of the Tower of Barbs for those that survive the climb. Many dangers and mysteries remain hidden from the eyes of mankind and await those courageous enough to dare approach the tower."

The City (Blame!)

the city

Potentially the size of a Dyson sphere The City is a massive Megastructure built by autonomes builder drones gone rouge.

The Tower (Tower of God)

the tower gates

"They believe that everything can be found at the top of the Tower. Nobody has reached the top yet."

Temen-Ni-Gru (DMC3)

temen ni gru

An unholy tower that harbors the 'true' gateway to the Demon World.

Shrine Of Worship (shadow of the collosus)

shrine of worship

A srhine standing tall in the center of the forbidden lands, it holds the secret for resurrection.

Tower Of Kefka (FF6)

tower of kefka

"Kefka's practically a god now, sitting up in that tower of his with the power of the Warring Triad at his command..."

World Tree (HXH)

world tree

The World Trees are the tallest type of tree that put their roots on a mountain range, intake magma, surpass the atmosphere

Dark Continent (HXH)

dark continent hxh

"This place is too big... It's off the charts...!

Michael Kerbow Paintings

belif system

"a time where the growing disparity between rich and poor has resulted in the wealthy elite living in a citadel of luxury, while everyone else lives crammed in squalor below."

A tall tale

The Tower (El Shaddai: Ascension to Metatron)

the tower

Built by seven fallen angels who stole god from god, it exists in an isolated spatial realm.

Tower of Heaven (Askiisoft)

tower of heaven

"I saw the traveler make his way toward the monolith, That thin gash amidst the clouds; An open seam between heaven and earth that eluded the Eye of God. Or perhaps it had not; perhaps it beckoned from one realm To the other, wedded And ruled as one; For look how clean it splits the horizon 'twain, absorbs it, Makes it Strange, An indomitable beam, A tower of heaven."